Wedding Cake Idea: Buttercream in Multicolor Balls

*FYI, I won’t be posting next week but will see you back here on Jan. 22. Blessings to all!

Mother of the Bride, even though it’s January and you may have just started a diet, it’s one of your MOB duties to think about cake—wedding cake that is. It may be the yummiest duty you have, so enjoy it while you can, okay?

I bet your bride-to-be-daughter will be happy to join you in your confection contemplations if she hasn’t already got her heart set on a certain cake design. If she’s still undecided, be sure to share today’s idea with her.

This cake covered in multicolor balls of buttercream icing (yum!) would be a fun design any time of year. The colors featured here would be perfect for a summer wedding, but if you’re planning a spring, fall, or winter wedding, just change up the color combination to fit the season—or the colors of the wedding.

What do you think, MOB—would this be something your daughter might go for? Have fun chatting about it and even more fun when it comes time for tasting!

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*Flickr photo by haleycakesandcookies, Creative Commons License