Bridal Boots and More for the Rustic Wedding

Mother of the Bride, if your little gal is planning a rustic wedding, she may want a touch of country in her attire—and that may mean boots on her feet!

Even though boots may clash a bit with the best gown of your daughter’s lifetime, they can be super cute when you have a rustic theme going on throughout the wedding. If you add a touch of rustic to the bouquet as in the photo below, the boots will even provide that additional element that will tie her attire all together. And just think of all the cute photo possibilities!

So Momma of the Bride, saddle up and get in the hoedown spirit. If boots will make your baby girl happy, kick up your heels and join the fun. Boots it will be!

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*Top photo – Flickr photo by Villa de AmoreCreative Commons License; Bottom photo – by Brittany Colpitts on Unsplash

Rustic Wedding Idea: Boot Bouquets


Mother of the Bride, are you and your sweet daughter looking for great rustic wedding ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place today. I adore the idea pictured above, and I bet your soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. will, too!

Using boots to hold bouquets and other floral arrangements at a rustic wedding adds a special touch that takes your wedding décor up to a whole new level of awesome. So creative, appealing, and memorable! And I love the pop of color when a bandana is added—but you certainly don’t have to do that. These floral displays will look great either way.

Boot bouquets could be used as guest table centerpieces or at other locations in your venue where you want to decorate with flowers. Boots could even be placed in strategic places to display the bridesmaids bouquets during the reception. Can’t beat using the bridesmaids bouquets a second time, right? Just tell each maid which boot you want her to place her bouquet in after the ceremony and photos.

Feel like kicking up your heels over this idea, MOB? Go ahead—and be sure to yell yee-haw while you do it!

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*Flickr photo by Mr. Tono, Creative Commons License