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Midweek Morsel: When God’s Laws Are Being Broken


“It is time for you to act, O LORD; your law is being broken.” Psalm 119:126

Are you heartsick over how many in our nation—leaders included—have forsaken God’s righteous laws as revealed in his Word, The Holy Bible? Do you shake your head in disbelief over sinful attitudes and behaviors that many now support as acceptable or even admirable?

If so, please add the verse above to your prayer arsenal. When we see God’s laws being broken—whether in our lives, the lives of those we know and love, or in the wider populace of our nation—let’s go to God in prayer.

Let’s plead with God to act—to open eyes to the wrong being done, to correct, to bring about a return to his standards and his holy ways. Let’s ask him to act in his righteousness. It’s time.

“Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for your law is not obeyed.” Psalm 119:136

*What are some effective ways to do battle prayer over the laws of God being broken?

*Flickr photo by Vinoth Chandar, Creative Commons License

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Birds can be a hoot to watch—especially when they get territorial. Last spring and summer I had a robin playing king of the jungle around my bird feeder, and this winter a northern mockingbird has staked his claim. I’m not sure what will happen if the robin comes back this spring, but he better be totin’ his pistols. I predict a stand-off.

I’ve noticed that certain birds are more territorial than others. Many are content to let fellow winged-brothers and sisters—even of other species—feed right alongside them, but those with territorial tendencies get downright selfish when it comes to their food supply. They, in fact, turn into quite the bullies.

Even when they’re not actively eating, these winged bullies stand guard near their chosen smorgasboard, especially during the popular early morning and early evening feeding hours. They keep a sharp eye out and are ever ready to swoop in and chase away any equal-in-size or smaller birds daring to come dine in the area they’ve claimed as their own. Funny how they allow larger birds a little leeway, though. I guess even bullies know when they’re outmanned, huh?

Even though these bullies are sometimes amusing to watch, they actually make me a little angry. The ornery things chase off some of my favorite birds to photograph—colorful ones, less aggressive ones, innocent ones just wanting to grab a meal in my backyard. So frustrating to see cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, and the like fighting for their fair share and then eventually flying off to less dangerous territory.

Birds are not so different from us. Sometimes we get territorial. Granted, that can be a good thing at times—like when we’re protecting or guarding (in a healthy way) our children, our marriages, the truth, or the guiding purpose behind an endeavor or ministry. But other times, it can become quite a negative thing. We can turn into bullies.

Consider with me for a moment—do we, like the bully birds, act selfish and territorial at times about our work, certain projects, ministries, or positions we hold? Are we ever-ready to swoop in and chase away anyone who gets too close to our baby, so to speak? Do we hold on too tightly? Do we end up depriving others of something that could benefit or bless them?

Let’s determine not to get territorial in a bad way. We certainly won’t win friends or influence people in a positive way—spiritually, mentally, or emotionally—if we’re always looking out for number one and unwilling to share whatever God’s given us. Let’s trust him with what he’s given us. Let’s be open—to others, to new ideas, to change, to sharing. Let’s not be selfish. Let’s not be bullies.

“Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4

*What are you tempted to be too territorial about?

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In Lieu of a Veil: Floral Bridal Combs or Hairpins


Mother of the Bride, is your bride-to-be daughter considering not wearing a veil for her big day? For many in our generation, a veil seems like a must, but lots of young women today would rather forgo the veil in favor of a smaller hair accessory.

If your daughter is among those who want to skip the veil, share this option with her—floral bridal combs or hairpins. If you or your daughter are crafty, this is an accessory you can make yourselves, but you can also find beautiful options in retail stores as well as online shops like Etsy.

Floral bridal combs or hairpins can be as elaborate or as simple as the bride desires. You might be able to find or make some that match an aspect of the bridal gown, or you can go a different direction by featuring the colors of the bridal bouquet or even the bridesmaids dresses and bouquets.

Run this idea past your resident bridal veil rebel, MOB, and see if a floral hair accessory is something she would like. It just might be the perfect fit for her!

*You might find some other ideas on my Bridal Hairstyles Pinterest board or on my Bridal Accessories Pinterest board.

*Flickr photo by Bellafaye Garden, Creative Commons License

Midweek Morsel: A Winner—Plus God’s Great Love


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and that means it’s time to announce the winner of the “For You and Your Friend” Valentine’s Day Giveaway! The lucky winner of two bars of Peppermint Mocha soap from Nancy Douglas’s Beigetone Soaps is Teri I! Congratulations, Teri! I will give Nancy your mailing address, and she will ship your winnings directly to you. Enjoy!

As we think about all things love for the next few days, let me reassure you of how much God loves you. Sometimes when things are going wrong, we fear that God has forgotten us or no longer sees our situation. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Consider what David said in Psalm 31:21-22: “Praise be to the LORD, for he showed his wonderful love to me when I was in a besieged city. In my alarm I said, ‘I am cut off from your sight!’ Yet you heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help.”

God see us, God hears us, God loves us and helps us. What better gift could we ever receive for Valentine’s Day?

*How has God shown you his love recently?

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Day Before Wedding Tip: Preview Flowers


Mother of the Bride, do you and your daughter want to avoid one potential for big disappointment on Wedding Day? Make arrangements with your florist to preview the wedding flowers the day before the big event.

You don’t want to arrive at the church just a few hours before the wedding and find that a mistake has been made on the type of flowers requested for the bridal bouquet or that the florist completely missed your vision for the altar flowers. You don’t want to be short on corsages or boutonnieres.

Previewing the flowers may not be convenient on the already jam-packed decorating day prior to the wedding, but it’s a safeguard you need to make time for. You may not be able to avoid some things that go wrong on Wedding Day, but disappointment with the flowers is one thing you can fix before it happens.

I didn’t know to do a preview when Kristin, our first daughter, got married, and she ended up unhappy with her bridal bouquet. She had requested a white rose bouquet with a few little yellow touches in it. But when we got to the church and saw the bouquet, we discovered that the florist had gone overboard with yellow. Kristin was so disappointed. I know now it could have been altered if we’d seen the bouquet the afternoon before.

Even when planning our second daughter’s wedding, I still didn’t realize that previewing the flowers the day before the wedding was done in the floral business, but Kelli’s florist himself asked that we come by and give final approval, even if some of the flowers might not be finished. This is when you know you’ve got a good florist, MOB. A good florist doesn’t want any misunderstanding. He or she wants everyone happy on Wedding Day.

So go ahead and add a quick preview of the flowers to your day-before-wedding schedule now, Mother of the Bride. You’ll be glad you did.

*So tell me, what kind of flowers has your daughter chosen for her bridal bouquet? There are some gorgeous ones out there!

*Photo by Will Flowers

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