Groom’s Cake Idea: Show State Pride

Mother of the Bride, has your daughter’s beloved decided what kind of groom’s cake he’d like to have yet? He may know hands-down what would express who he is perfectly, but if not, he may need some suggestions. This is where you and the bride can be of some help.  I suggest throwing out a wide variety of ideas that might fit him, both fun and traditional, and see which one snags his interest.

If he’s a fella who’s proud of his state, one of your suggestions could be a cake design that allows him to show some state pride. The cake’s shape could be the actual shape of his state, like the one pictured above from a Texas groom’s wedding.

This Texas groom’s cake also incorporates the state flag, but other options are possible as well. For instance, a Kansas groom might chooose to go with a Kansas-shaped cake covered in sunflowers or a scene picturing the wheat harvest. But you don’t have to worry about coming up with specific ideas because if your soon-to-be son is state-proud, he’ll quickly come up with the perfect ideas on his own.

So MOB, add the state theme to your groom’s cake ideas and share away when it comes time to talk wedding cakes. You never know, it might be the design idea that your man of the hour gets excited about!

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*Flickr photo by 19melissa68, Creative Commons License