A Planning Journal for Your Mother of the Bride Notes

IMG_3155Mother of the Bride, if you are new to this grand MOB adventure or just haven’t started using a planning journal yet, run out and buy one asap. After all, you have all kinds of notes you’ll need to jot down during the coming months.

As MOBs most of us buy nice planners for our bride-to-be daughters, but you need one as well, MOB. You will be researching and shopping for so many things, it will all become a jumble of confusion if you don’t write things down.

Since you need a planning journal, go ahead and treat yourself to a pretty one. Maybe you can find one in one of the colors of the wedding or you can just find one that looks super feminine or appeals to you for some other reason. Make it something that will feel like a little splurge. And choose one small enough to fit in your purse. Believe me, you’ll be using it on the go.

A planning journal will be your sanity saver for sure, MOB. It will help you keep track of everything from notes about where you and your sweet girl saw which bridal gown or cake or flowers to the prices for all these things. You can also keep a running list of expenses, due dates for deposits, and your ongoing to-do list. If you’re faithful to jot down anything and everything wedding related, this little planner will indeed become your lifeline.

So go on, MOB—have fun finding a planning journal just for you!

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