Wedding Reminder: It’s All About Love

February—the month of love—is upon us, Mother of the Bride. Why not let it remind us that a wedding is all about love. People who love one another—family and friends—join together to celebrate the love of a very special couple becoming one, becoming man and wife.

In the midst of managing a multitude of details and troubleshooting one situation after another, MOB, it’s easy to lose sight of love. I encourage you to take a few minutes for quiet reflection. Set aside thoughts of attire and décor, of lists and menus, and focus on love—the love your daughter and her groom have for one another, the love you have for your sweet girl, and the love you all share for the family and friends invited to be a part of the celebration of a lifetime. Nothing else matters if love is trampled on.

So let love carry you, MOB, as you labor to give your daughter and her beloved a wonderful wedding celebration. Let it inspire you to do your very best, but also let it free you to focus on what’s truly important—people, relationships, love, memories.

Mother of the Bride, you will set the tone for wedding planning with your daughter. And you will play a huge part in setting the tone for the big day itself. Here is where you need to shine, MOB. Let the tone you set be love!

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