Church in a Condo

3568886566_68510519a4_zHave you ever had church in a condo? We enjoyed just such a time a few weeks ago during our family vacation to beautiful Colorado. (Sorry to keep referring to our vacation, but lots of life happened during those days that I’d like to share with you! :) )

That Sunday started off extra sweet as Kelli and Jake made cinnamon roll pancakes for us for breakfast. (And yes, they tasted every bit as good as they sound!) But what was even sweeter is what happened next. Church happened. Right in the midst of our family. Right at the dining room table.

While everyone chatted, I slipped away for a moment. When I returned with my Bible, I was pretty sure my girls knew what I was up to since they had grown up with good ole Mom trying to jumpstart some kind of family share time during holidays or vacations. During their teen years, protests or groans usually ensued but not anymore. (All of you with kids at home, take heart—they do grow up, and there is hope! :) )

No, this time a slice of heaven on earth—at least to this mom’s heart—transpired. I began our share time by reading one of my favorite Bible passages and then suggested that everyone else either share their one of their favorite scriptures or tell what God had been doing in their lives lately.

Along with my husband, one by one our daughters and their hubbies shared scriptures and stories of how God was teaching them something or encouraging them in some way. Bottom line? We had church. What a blessing to sit back and listen to our adult kids talk about the Lord and His Word. What a blessing to see our kids walking in the truth.

Church in a condo? You bet. No greater joy… no greater joy.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4

*Flickr photo by ALM Portraits, Creative Commons License

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