Quick Tip: Getting the Most Bang for Your MOB Buck

5856793551_2efa2e32af_zMany times as we begin a new year, we’re looking for ways to trim down, both physically and financially. Saving money always feels good. And getting the most value for our money makes us smile as well. In fact, sometimes we get downright giddy over a good deal, don’t we?

Want to know how to get the most bang for your MOB buck as we kick off the New Year, Mother of the Bride? Here’s my tip: Put your checkbook away and use your credit card when paying for wedding expenses.

Now I’m not advocating racking up charges that you don’t have the money to cover. But since you’re going to be making lots of purchases—and some of them very big—why not take advantage and rack up the points on your credit card so you can purchase free flights or other free items?

In other words, let the money spent on the wedding work twice for you—once to make your sweet daughter’s dreams come true and the second time to make your dreams come true. Another win-win on the wedding front!

*What other tips will help MOBs get the most bang for their buck?

*Flickr photo by Images Money, Creative Commons License