Wedding Expenses: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

At the beginning of a new year, many of us are looking for ways to trim down, both physically and financially. Saving money always feels good and getting the most value for our money makes us smile as well. Sometimes we get downright giddy over a good deal!

Want to know how to get the most bang for your MOB buck, Mother of the Bride? Here’s my tip: Put your checkbook away and use your credit card when paying for wedding expenses.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating racking up charges that you don’t have the money to cover. But since you’re going to be making lots of purchases—and some of them very big—why not take advantage and rack up the points on your credit card so you can purchase free flights or other free items?

In other words, let the money spent on the wedding work twice for you—once to make your sweet daughter’s dreams come true and the second time to make your dreams come true. Another win-win on the wedding front!

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Wedding-Themed Shower Gifts


Mother of the Bride, since you will undoubtedly be attending more than one shower for your soon-to-be married daughter, you may be on the hunt for ideas. As ever—on the gift front or any other wedding-related front—I stand ready to help with ideas I’ve used myself or have seen others score a homerun with.

Since you may be shouldering most of the expense of the wedding, why not give yourself a break and give shower gifts that can be used at the wedding? Not only will your pocketbook thank you, but your daughter will too. She will love receiving elegant wedding-related items that may end up becoming keepsakes.

Some wedding-themed ideas that make lovely gifts include: Classic wedding photo frames that can be used on the cake tables or photo table (excellent places to display bridal portraits and engagement photos), an elegant cake server set, exquisite toasting flutes, pretty garters (one for keeping and one for tossing), a beautiful wedding photo album or scrapbook, or even a dated wedding-themed Christmas ornament.

Use one of these ideas, MOB, and you’ll make your daughter very happy with a beautiful keepsake gift—plus your shower gift will do double duty and help save on your overall wedding expenses. A win-win for everyone!

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*photo by Chris Humphrey

A Peek at Mother of the Bride’s Chapter Titles

Google+ BannerMother of the Bride, would you like a closer look at the contents of my recently released book Mother of the Bride: Refreshment and Wisdom for the Mother of the Bride?

This is not a complete list, but here are many of the chapter titles you’ll find in Mother of the Bride. Hope they spark your interest!

*First Things First: Start with Fun

*Sleep—What’s That?: The MOB Brain Stuck in Overdrive

*When God Is Your Wedding Planner: Finding the Ultimate Coordinator

*Whose Wedding Is This: Finding a Balance

*To Have and To Hold . . . Until She Gets Married

*Mother of the Bride: No Job for a Weakling

*Father of the Bride: Make Room for Daddy

*The Man of Her Dreams Becomes Your Son: Coming to Grips with the Groom

*Bye, Bye, Comfort Zone: Diving into Unfamiliar Waters

*Lean On Me: The MOB’s Support Team

*Life Goes On, Too?: It’s Not All about the Wedding

*When Dreams Become Disasters: The Dreaded Horror Stories

*The MOB Dress: Time to Splurge on You

*Coming Down the Homestretch: Make a List and Hang On

*And Then There Were Tears: Expect a Meltdown

*Letting It Unfold: Enjoy the Wedding Weekend

Also, as a special gift at the back of the book, you’ll find all the vendor worksheets you’ll need, MOB, to help you with your planning. I pray that Mother of the Bride will be a blessing to you!

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Bridal Shows—Both Fun and Practical!


Mother of the Bride, want to have a fun day out with your daughter but also gather helpful ideas and maybe even discover the perfect vendor for one of your wedding needs? Attend a bridal show or wedding expo together!

Bridal shows are all part of the fun so enjoy one or two to the utmost. Remember, your role as mother of the bride (and your daughter’s as bride-to-be) will pass all too quickly so don’t miss out on a chance to fully live the experience.

Here are some fun and/or helpful things you will encounter at a bridal show:

*freebies for all the brides are offered by most exhibitors

*chances to win major prizes for those who register

*yummy samples of wedding cake and other menu items for the reception

*beautiful displays and informational handouts

*fashion show

*opportunity to meet florists, photographers, caterers, pastry chefs, etc.

*ideas for everything from flowers to invitations to make-up

*discounts for certain items or services

 So what are you waiting for? Check The Knot’s list of bridal shows or Google bridal shows in your area and then grab your little bride-to-be and take off for a day of fun and wedding planning. Who knows—maybe your daughter will win one of the prizes! Woohoo!!

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Wedding Photo Idea: A Veiled Kiss


Mother of the Bride, I hope you and your darling daughter are collecting some great wedding day photo ideas. Your photographer will be sure to have some amazing ideas of his or her own, but it’s always a good idea to take note of shots you love. Why not guard against any disappointment by giving your photographer a list of shots you’d like included.

Bride and groom kissing shots are always winners, but I think the veiled kiss photo idea above is especially sweet. The dreamy quality created by draping the bride and groom with her veil truly whispers romance, doesn’t it? It captures a private moment of the new Mr. and Mrs. all alone in their own little world of love.

MOB, why not share this veiled kiss photo idea with your daughter and see if it captures her heart? If she’s a bride who doesn’t want to wear a veil, the desire for a shot like this just might change her mind!

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*Flickr photo by dan.thoburn, Creative Commons License