Wedding Cake Idea: A Gift Box!

Mother of the Bride, are you or your bride-to-be daughter on the hunt for a unique wedding cake idea? I might have just what you’re looking for today!

How about a wedding cake that looks like a gift box? The one pictured above is just one example of a multitude of possibilities. The fresh flowers make a lovely topper, but a ribbon and giant bow would look great too. As long as your cake designer coordinates the design with the wedding colors, the details can be up to you. And I’m willing to bet your designer will have some great ideas too, right?

Be sure to share this idea with your daughter, MOB. Who knows, the hunt just might be over!

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*Flickr photo by Graceful Cake Creations; Creative Commons License

Special Bridesmaids Gifts from Along Came A Box


Mother of the Bride, would your sweet daughter love to splurge on her bridesmaids with a super special gift they’ll never forget? Well tell her to look no further. I’ve got the perfect gift idea for you to share with her!

Along Came A Box is a unique online gift box company that delivers a very special gift on a very special day to the person of your choosing. In addition to having boxes especially for bridesmaids and maids of honor, they also offer birthday boxes and boxes for other special occasions. They even offer individual gifts and gift accessories. And best of all, these gifts are all made by American small businesses. Perfect, huh?!

What makes an Along Came A Box so uniquely special and fun? It’s a gift that lasts all day! The box holds individually wrapped gifts that are to be opened each hour of the day so the joy of opening the gift lasts all day long (see photos below.) How fun is that?!

Truth be told, the bridemaids and maid of honor boxes are fairly high in price, but they do offer half-day gift boxes for both bridesmaids and maids of honor that might be a more doable option for your daughter. Or MOB, you might offer to split the cost with her—or even offer them to her as a gift from you so she can send them to her maids. Another option would be to go with one or two of their individual gift items.

So MOB, head on over to Along Came A Box and check it out more thoroughly. Then share this super special gift idea with your darling girl. Memories are waiting to be made!


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*Photos compliments of Along Came A Box

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Wedding Favors: A Boxed Surprise


Mother of the Bride, you and your sweet girl may have more important things on your minds right now than wedding favors, but the topic will come up before you know it.

Why not be prepared and jot down favor ideas as you see them. Or if you haven’t done so yet, you could create a wedding board on Pinterest and save your ideas that way. I have one especially for Wedding Favors so you might want to pop over and take a look while it’s on your mind.

One fun idea is offering the guests a boxed surprise. Guests will enjoy discovering the treasure in their individual little gift boxes, and you could even add an additional element of surprise by having multiple possibilities. One guest might find dark chocolates filled with chocolate while another finds milk chocolates filled with raspberry cream, etc. Or you daughter might like to go with something entirely different from chocolate. It’s her party. She gets to choose!

I also love the little boxes pictured above with the various color ribbons and styles of applique rather than bows, but other sizes, shapes, and décor for boxes are available where you find wedding supplies. Again, the bride will have fun making this choice.

What do you think, MOB? Is this an idea your daughter might like? You’ll never know unless you ask—so ask away!

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*Flickr photo by Corey Ann, Creative Commons License

Wedding Cake Topper Idea: The Tiffany Blue Box


Mother of the Bride, is your daughter making decisions about the wedding cake yet? So much to think about. Along with flavor, type of frosting, and style, decisions will need to be made about the specific design.

One of those design decisions will be what kind of cake topper she would like or what would best complement the design she chooses. Would fresh flowers look best? Would some sort of fun topper work with her cake and match her and her guy’s personality? Or would a classic and elegant topper like a silver monogram or entwined hearts be the perfect choice?

Be sure to add today’s idea—a Tiffany gift box—to the list of possibilities. The world-famous Tiffany jeweler is known for their Tiffany Blue Box so wouldn’t this age-old coveted gift box be a beautiful yet fun topper for a wedding cake?

The example above shows the box propped open with a strand of pearls displayed, but if your daughter has a different idea on how to feature a Tiffany Blue Box as the topper, just have her talk to her baker/designer. Chances are the baker will be able to do whatever she requests.

So MOB, show this idea to your daughter—and maybe even the Father of the Bride. Drop a hint or two and you might just end up with a Tiffany Blue Box yourself!

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*Flickr photo by Graceful Cake Creations, Creative Commons License