Idea for Wedding Card Box: A Hatbox!

Looking for another wedding card box idea, Mother of the Bride? If your daughter would like something other than a wedding theme for her card box (as in the wedding cake card box), why not suggest a pretty hatbox for collecting the cards?

When my daughter Kristin got married, I asked the groom’s mother if she would be in charge of providing the card box. My sister Debbie had provided one for her son’s wedding so I thought it would be a nice way to include our groom’s mom—plus relieve us of the task. Smart, huh?

Even though Linda admitted to not be very arts and craftsy (I’m not either), she happily agreed to do it. She recruited the help of a friend, and they came up with the hatbox card box pictured above. So clever and pretty!

To make the hatbox idea work for a wedding, just incorporate the wedding colors on the box as well as some gorgeous flowers and pretty ribbon. Add a corded handle and personalize with the happy couple’s names, and you’re good to go. It will definitely make an attractive and unique addition to the gift table.

Hope the hatbox idea appeals to you and your daughter, MOB. And if you’re lucky, the groom’s mom will take care of it for you!

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Gift Idea: Prayers for the Mother of the Groom

IMG_8654Mother of the Bride, have you thought about giving the mother of the groom a little gift of some sort? This didn’t occur to me when I was an MOB so you may not have thought of it either. But giving a small gesture of acceptance and friendship is always worth the effort, isn’t it?

One great gift idea for the MOG is the book Prayers for the Mother of the Groom by Traci Matt. Designed for use during the last two months leading up to the wedding (or MOGs could start earlier and go through it a couple of times), this book is a wonderful resource for Christian moms who desire to cover their sons, themselves, their families, and the entire bridal party in prayer as they all go through the life-changing event of a wedding.

Each of the sixty selections included feature an introductory paragraph or two about some aspect of the wedding or the changing family dynamic, and then Matt shares an in-depth prayer addressing the topic of the day. Matt’s prayers spring from the truths and insights she’s gleaned from the Word of God and from her own personal experience as both a mother of the groom and a mother of the bride. With each selection Matt also shares a feature called “Something Borrowed”—a quote applicable to that day’s topic.

In this nicely done self-published paperback book, mothers of the groom will discover an extremely thorough and heartfelt guide for their own prayers. Not every topic mentioned or every prayer prayed will apply to every MOG, of course, but each mom will be able to easily apply what pertains to her and skim over the parts that don’t quite fit her situation. With Matt’s wisdom and skillful and easy-to-read writing style, I think mothers of the groom will love using this book.

So MOB, does this sound like a gift you’d like to offer to your future son-in-law’s mother? If you can help the prayer effort going up for your soon-to-be son and your precious girl, I’ll be you’re all for it, right? Why not bless the MOG today with a copy of Prayers for the Mother of the Groom!

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*Thanks to the author for providing me with the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Cake Knife and Server Sets for Both Cake Tables

0326*Since my husband will be on Fall Break later this week, I’ll be skipping my midweek post. See you again next Monday!

Mother of the Bride, add this to your “to-do” list: find two cake knife and server sets. That’s right, you’ll need nice sets for both the main cake table and the groom’s cake table. It’s easy to forget about needing a set for the groom’s cake so put it on your list now and save yourself from a last minute cake-serving crisis. Heaven knows you want to avoid as many last minute glitches as possible, right?

I would suggest borrowing both sets or perhaps buying one beautiful set as a shower gift and then borrowing another set. The one you buy as a gift could be used for the main cake table, and the other set for the groom’s cake table.

Asking the groom’s mother if she has a set that could be used for the groom’s cake is an excellent way to help her feel included. If she doesn’t have a set herself, she may be able to borrow a set. If you’re trying to borrow both sets, you can ask other family members and friends or even check with your caterer to see if she has a set available for your use. You could also check with your church.

So MOB, line up your cake-cutting utensils now—and then prepare to enjoy the yumminess of both cakes on Wedding Day!

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey Photographer