Mother of the Bride—An Info Source for Gift-Givers

Mother of the Bride, did you know one of your MOB roles requires you to be the go-to source for all kinds of gift-giving information? As your daughter’s wedding day draws closer, friends and family will call on you time and again for insider info. You will be asked everything from where the couple is registered to what colors they’re using in their master bath.

Instead of hemming and hawing because you’re clueless on some of the answers, why not be prepared with an inside-scoop list? Grab your MOB planner/journal—and also the bride-to-be—and make a list of the following items and their answers:

*Where is the couple registered?

*Couple’s address after the wedding

*Names and addresses of ceremony and reception sites

*Dates and places of bridal showers

*China brand and pattern

*Crystal brand and pattern

*Flatware/silverware brand and pattern—formal and everyday

*Dishes (everyday) brand and pattern


*Living room colors

*Kitchen colors

*Bedroom colors

*Bathroom colors

*Size of bed

*Favorite themes or collections


There you have it, MOB—your personal gift-giving ideas cheat sheet. Now all you need to do is fill it out. Enjoy your insider-info role!

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*Hope this slightly revised post from May 2014 helped you today!

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