Relish the Moment

5186443909_d26eacd4d3_zIn a recent blog post, writer and blogger Jeff Goins encouraged fellow writers to really take in our surroundings and relish moments, to let them inspire us and shape our writing. But even for those who aren’t writers, that’s still pretty good advice, huh? Be in the moment, be inspired, and let that refreshed perspective fuel whatever it is you might be doing.

Jeff finished his post by suggesting a writing exercise—to stop whatever we were doing and notice our surroundings, to spend a few minutes writing about whatever was around us. I took up his challenge to relish the moment and thought I would share the result with you. I hope it will inspire you to relish moments of your own and then let that inspiration spill out into other areas of your life. Let’s live our moments, friends!

A Weekend Moment

I’m at my desk, early morning shafts of light shining through the blinds, leaving their reflection on the nearby wall. A train whistles in the distance. I love that sound.

My husband’s on-again off-again snoring makes it past the bedroom wall. Truth be told, I’m not crazy about that sound. But it’s part of our lives, and we live with it.

Four stacks of papers look back at me from my desk. Projects in process or waiting to be done. Some needing a simple read-through, others needing heavy work or development. Always more ideas and projects than time.

Pictures of loved ones look back at me as well, filling me with gratitude for the love we share. Making me wish my grown up girls were here this weekend. Hoping they are enjoying life today.

The duties of the day nudge. Time to move on. These quiet moments are so important, though, especially the ones with my God. Time to go meet with Him on my back porch, to soak in His beauty, His love, His care.

“’Be still, and know that I am God . . . ‘” Psalm 46:10a

*Are you willing to take up the challenge? Stop whatever you’re doing and notice your surroundings. Relish the moment. And then why not tell us about it? It will be fun! :)

*Flickr photo by Sheila in Moonducks, Creative Commons License