Wedding Thoughts from Anne Lamott’s Plan B

Kristin happyMother of the Bride, have you ever read any of Anne Lamott’s work? She has a way of speaking the truth—of laying life wide open in ways almost all of us can relate to. I love that humor is often a part of it.

I thought you might enjoy hearing some wedding truth laid open Anne-style. Enjoy this excerpt from Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith as Anne shares about a time when she was involved with a friend’s wedding:

“Building a wedding is a recipe for muddle—the bridal party, the families, the guests, the minister, the vows, the food. You’re attempting to make something beautiful out of unruly and unpredictable elements—the weather, the nuttier relatives, the rivalries, disorders, and dreams. Out of mostly old neurotic family and friends, you hope to create something harmonious. You do so as an act of faith, hoping that for a brief period of time, the love and commitment of two people will unite everyone; and it will sort of work . . .

. . .Here’s what the priest said: ‘I promise you it will all work out, in its own perfectly imperfect way. Weddings are about families, and families can be a bit of a mess under stress. But the love that will gather tomorrow night is much more important than anything else on earth, and bigger than anything else on earth, too. Because finally that love is sovereign.’”

So be encouraged, MOB. It will all work out.

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey