Providing Photo Booth Fun for Wedding Guests

Mother of the Bride, if your darling daughter and her soon-to-be husband are looking to step up the fun element for their wedding guests, how about providing a photo booth at the reception?

Not only would a photo booth provide a diversion while the guests are waiting on the bride and groom to arrive at the reception, but it would offer a fun entertainment addition to the dining and dancing going on later during the party as well. Plus, what a fun memento for your guests to take home as a reminder of the joy of the big event, right?

Having a photo booth on hand would also give your professional photographer another place to capture some great shots of everyone—the wedding party as well as the guests. With the casual and zany atmosphere a photo booth creates, candid shots are sure to abound.

So MOB, why not offer some photo booth fun on the big day? And in the midst of all your responsibilities at the party, don’t forget to jump in and experience some photo fun yourself!

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*Flickr photo by davidmmcneilCreative Commons License