Mother of the Bride Pep Talk: Encouragement for You

All mothers of the bride need some encouragement from time to time—and never more so than now. Some of you are helping your daughters navigate the disappointment and stresses of a postponed wedding during the current COVID-19 crisis while others of you are weathering the frustrations of delays in your wedding-planning timetable. Nothing like making a challenging job even more challenging, huh?

So Mother of the Bride, here’s an acrostic designed especially for you. Think of it if you’d like as pep talk—my gift of encouragement to you during this season of uncertainty. Hope it refreshes you today!

Mother of the Bride Pep Talk

Moments to treasure forever are unfolding all around you. Soak up each one.
Offer your daughter your continual support. She’ll always remember your love.
Thank God for adding a son to your family. What a gift and blessing!
Helpers greatly ease your stress and most are happy to help. Call on several.
Each step on your MOB journey can hold a blessing. Look for them.
Rejoice that your daughter has found the love of her life. Welcome him with open arms.

ther people will follow your lead. Let it be gracious and loving.
Fun is important too. Enjoy plenty with your family and friends.

Tell your husband or best friend about your current stresses. You need a listening ear.
Have a to-do list. Let it take the pressure off and help you stay organized.
Easy is good. Keep things simple wherever you can.

Believe the best about yourself and others. Nurture your positive attitude.
Remember to rest and refresh yourself. This will help you be at your best.
Imagine the wonderful celebration your hard work is helping make possible. What joy!
Daughters are one of the best gifts God gives. Celebrate and cherish yours!
Every blessing of wedding day will forever bring you joy. Start thanking God today!

Blessings to you and yours, MOB!

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*Flickr photo by Artem Beliaikin, Creative Commons License