Bridal Portrait Shot: Watching for the Groom

Mother of the Bride, isn’t this photo gorgeous and precious all at the same time? I may be a little biased since the bride is my sweet daughter Kristin, but this particular pose of watching for the groom conveys so much—grown up beauty and the promise of joy as well as little girl excitement and overflowing love. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Notice how Kristin’s photographer, Chris Humphrey, chose a beautiful spot for this shot and took advantage of perfect afternoon sunlight coming through the windows. You might ask your daughter’s photographer if he knows a location where he might be able to get a similar shot of your bride-to-be.

So MOB, when it comes time for your daughter’s bridal portrait day—one of the most delightful wedding planning days you’ll experience, by the way—keep your fingers crossed for a “watching for the groom” shot. I promise it will immediately become a favorite!

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*I hope this slightly revised encore post from July 2013 was helpful to you today!

*Photo by Chris Humphrey Photography

Beautiful Bride + Fancy Sofa = Perfect Bridal Portrait

Mother of the Bride, many photographers include a bridal portrait session in the price of their services. These sessions are often scheduled for a date before the wedding, but some perfect portraits of the bride alone can also be taken on the wedding day. Your photographer will certainly have some amazing ideas for some great shots, but you can also be thinking of ideas if you’re familiar with the wedding or bridal portrait venue.

If your daughter’s wedding or bridal portrait venue has a fancy sofa on the premises, the photographer can capture a stunning shot of your gorgeous daughter in all her bridal glory. Just have her sit on one end of the sofa and extend her legs toward the other end with her gown cascading to the side. Believe me, it will be absolute perfection, especially if the sofa is white or ivory. Different moods can also be captured with the photographer’s suggestions to the bride.

If this will work in your situation, MOB, share this idea with your sweet girl and see she what she thinks. Bet she’ll love it—and will welcome putting her feet up for awhile during the photo session!

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Photos by Stephtphotography

Just Married Sign and Photo Idea

Mother of the Bride, many newlyweds want their photographer to take a special photo using some sort of Just Married sign. If your sweet couple hasn’t mentioned this to you yet, you might check with them to see if that’s something they’d like to add to their list of photos for the photographer.

I found this super-cute idea for a movie clapboard Just Married sign recently and just had to share it with you. Isn’t it clever? The wedding date can be included, and the bride and groom can have fun with listing whatever “take” they want as well as deciding on their pose in the background. They could even ask their photographer to take a shot using the bokeh effect as in the photo above and also one without to insure they end up with a photo they love.

Why not share this post with the bride and groom, MOB, so they can make plans for a super-cute Just Married photo of their own. They may like this movie idea or it may spark an idea for something especially meaningful to them personally. And when it’s all said and done, you can call it a wrap!

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*Flickr photo by madebyWstudio, Creative Commons License

Summer Photo Fun: Name This Location!


Are you ready, friends, for some more Summer Photo Fun? Each year during July and early August (when my husband is on break from teaching), I feature some fun photo posts rather than my usual inspirational/devotional style posts. I like to take a more casual approach to blogging for a few weeks and hopefully you’ll still leave here feeling refreshed, encouraged, or nourished in some way.

Today let’s have a little “Name This Location” challenge. Who can tell me where the photo above was taken? Let’s see who can turn in the first correct guess!

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and getting to do a little traveling and photo-taking of your own. Enjoy your location today wherever you are!

“‘I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go . . .’” Genesis 28:15a

*So what’s the location above? Good luck with your guess!

*My photo

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Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Serve as Sign Bearer


Mother of the Bride, today I have a super cute idea for your darling daughter’s wedding ceremony. Don’t waste a minute suggesting this idea and showing her the above photo. Cuteness this sweet deserves immediate attention, right?

Just before the bride comes down the aisle, why not have the flower girl and ring bearer help announce her entry? They won’t have to say a word. They can simply walk in together while the ring bearer wears a sign proclaiming “Here Comes the Bride”.

The ring bearer is the best choice as the actual sign bearer. The sign will stand out better against his black tux or suit than it would in front of a flower girl’s dress. Plus, the flower girl will want to show off her dress and be as feminine as possible. The ring bearer on the other hand will be happy to have a more macho duty to carry out than carrying a little pillow down the aisle. A ring bearer never carries the real rings anyway so why not let him do something fun like this?

Letting the flower girl and ring bearer serve as a sign bearer will also provide an adorable wedding day photo. Give your photographer a heads up about your plans for the sign, and he or she will be ready to capture some sweeter than sweet shots.

So MOB, suggest away—and be ready to tuck this precious memory away with all the others you’ll make on Wedding Weekend. Enjoy each moment to the fullest!

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*Flickr photo by, Creative Commons License