Christmas Poem 2016: A Christmas Letter to God


*Holiday blogging break details at end of post.

Believe it or not, friends, I’ve been writing an annual Christmas poem for thirty-four years now. That’s a long time by anybody’s standards, isn’t it?

Sometimes I wonder how I’ll be able to come up with an idea for yet another Christmas poem, but I really shouldn’t worry. God is always faithful to give me the seed of an idea and then guide me as I write, helping me to find just the right words or turns of phrase. Yes, it usually takes a lot of trial and error to get there, but God is faithful to help me birth the finished project.

All of our abilities come from him, don’t they? I’m so grateful he’s given me the privilege of touching people’s hearts and lives through the written word. May you be blessed by this year’s poem, my friends!

A Christmas Letter to God

Dear Lord, Christmas finds us sending greetings
To loved ones far and near,
Cards and letters filled with love
And wishes for the coming year.

This year I long to send this letter
Overflowing with thanks and love
To you, my God, my Lord, my Savior,
My King and Counselor from above.

My message this Christmas is simple, Lord,
As I think of you coming to earth,
Coming to live among us,
Bringing new life, giving new birth.

My heart and my pen cry out today,
“Thank you, Father, for sending,
Thank you, Jesus, for coming,
Thank you, Spirit, for staying!”

With love,
Cheryl, 2016

“‘The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel’ (which means ‘God with us’).” Matthew 1:23 NIV

*What’s one thing you’d want to tell God if you wrote him a Christmas letter?

*I’ll be taking a blogging break until after the first of the year while everyone is busy preparing for and celebrating Christmas. May you enjoy sweet times with loved ones and have a truly blessed celebration of our Savior’s birth, my friends. See you in 2017!

*Flickr photo by E V Peters, Creative Commons License


  1. Your poem is beautiful, and 34 years is a long time to write one each year, what a special gift and thanks for sharing.

    I would say thank You, Lord for saving me on December 14, 1969, when I was an 11 year old girl accepting Jesus as my Savior on a Sunday afternoon while doing dishes, after having heard a message on how Jesus came as a babe for us, to die on a cross for all my sins.

    • Kathy, so glad you enjoyed the poem — thanks for sharing that with me! And thanks also for sharing what you would thank the Lord for this Christmas — for saving you on a long ago December. Love that thought. Could be added to my thoughts above, couldn’t it? “Thank you, Lord, for saving!”

  2. Cheryl, your last 3 lines just say it for me. so simple, so true.

    • Jana, those last three lines had been in my heart and prayers all year long. Somehow I wanted to include them in my Christmas poem and God graciously led me in how to do it. So thankful to him for sending, for coming, for staying!

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