The Christmas Star Still Shines

Christmas 2001. Just a few short months after the 9/11 attacks. The peace and security of our nation had been shaken. Many were grieving, including friends we knew here in the Midwest suffering from their own losses, though unrelated to the terror attacks. Folks were hurting and unsure of the future that Christmas.

As I prepared to write my annual Christmas poem, I wanted to minister to those whose worlds had been shaken. As a result, God blessed with the words to “The Christmas Star Still Shines”. This week that poem has gone out again, but this time to the prisoner parents of our church’s Angel Tree kids. We also gave it to the children and their caregivers when they attended the Open House this past Sunday. How I pray that it ministers to these folks in some very special ways.

I thought you might be blessed by reading it as well so I’m including it below. Since the poem I wrote this year is more appropriate for the beginning of the season, I’ll save it until next year and share it then.

Starting Sunday, I’ll kick off some Holiday Photo Fun and share photos every now and then throughout the holidays and then resume regular posting in January when we all get back to our normal routines. For now, here’s my Christmas 2001 poem. Hope it blesses you today!

The Christmas Star Still Shines

Every Christmas should be celebrated
With carefree abandon and glee,
Every home should shine with joy
As bright as the best Christmas tree.

But maybe this year is different—
Maybe your world’s been shaken somehow,
Maybe your joy’s not shining as brightly,
Maybe the sun is behind a cloud.

If that’s the case in your life today
Why not bow your head in prayer,
Thank God for the things that are constant—
His love, His Word, His care.

He’ll brighten the night around you,
Your way will no longer be dim,
For the Christmas star still shines
In the hearts of those who love Him.

“and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.” Matthew 2:9b-10 KJV

*Flickr photo by emrank, Creative Commons License


  1. We did an angel tree at our church. I took my packages in today and felt so blessed to be able to help a few kids in a small way. I had to really think through what I wanted to give, as I knew these were probably the only toys the kids would get. It was hard but such a worthy use of my time. My kids helped as well.

    Love the poem, Cheryl. The star still shines! Amen.


  2. Elaine, am so happy to hear that you guys did Angel Tree at your church, too. It really is a blessing to be able to touch the lives of these special kids. Glad you enjoyed the poem, too!

  3. You always write such beautiful poems, Cheryl. Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a gorgeous poem! I think I will share it in your honor, with my homeless friends during prayer tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much, Donna and Kirsten. It will be an absolute privilege and blessing beyond measure if you share my poem with your homeless friends, Kirsten. I pray it will minister hope to them in a special way…

  6. What a beautiful poem! And yes, our little family was shaken this year when our 22 year old son was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer (you can read more on my other blog: theorchidribbon). We are so Blessed that his cancer has not spread, but this year has been full of obstacles, and prayers have been answered!

    Thank you so much Cheryl for stopping by our Showcase Sisters blog! We hope you are enjoying this holiday season…Merry Christmas!

  7. Beautiful poem –
    Our church participated in Operation Child where we filled shoe boxes with special treats and gifts for the kids. We collected over 1300 boxes and they have been shipped overseas to the kids. It was fun to shop and see how much you can get in a shoebox.

  8. Beautiful sharing here Cheryl! The Star indeed still shines and shines brightly!!!

    Have a beautiful Christmas Cheryl, you and your family.

    It’s been a wonderful year of blogging with you in the LORD!

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