Just Married Sign and Photo Idea

Mother of the Bride, many newlyweds want their photographer to take a special photo using some sort of Just Married sign. If your sweet couple hasn’t mentioned this to you yet, you might check with them to see if that’s something they’d like to add to their list of photos for the photographer.

I found this super-cute idea for a movie clapboard Just Married sign recently and just had to share it with you. Isn’t it clever? The wedding date can be included, and the bride and groom can have fun with listing whatever “take” they want as well as deciding on their pose in the background. They could even ask their photographer to take a shot using the bokeh effect as in the photo above and also one without to insure they end up with a photo they love.

Why not share this post with the bride and groom, MOB, so they can make plans for a super-cute Just Married photo of their own. They may like this movie idea or it may spark an idea for something especially meaningful to them personally. And when it’s all said and done, you can call it a wrap!

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*Flickr photo by madebyWstudio, Creative Commons License

Wedding Day “Just Married” Photo Idea


Mother of the Bride, has your sweet couple asked their photographer to take a fun “Just Married” photo after their ceremony? If not, throw the idea out there and then brainstorm a few possible shots with them.

I love the shot above because it’s simple to do and captures the joy and more relaxed atmosphere that takes over once the ceremony is over. Decide on a spot for the photo and arrange for the “Just Married” thought bubble to be chalked ahead of time to keep the Wedding Day photo session moving along. Have the groom shed his jacket and the bride remove her veil to help create a fun and casual feel. The smiles and love will shine through naturally.

Why not show the bride and groom this shot, MOB, and see if they’d like to add it to their Wedding Day memories. It would be a darling photo for all of you to frame, too!

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*Flickr photo by Simon Daniel Photography, Creative Commons License