Beautiful Bride + Fancy Sofa = Perfect Bridal Portrait

Mother of the Bride, many photographers include a bridal portrait session in the price of their services. These sessions are often scheduled for a date before the wedding, but some perfect portraits of the bride alone can also be taken on the wedding day. Your photographer will certainly have some amazing ideas for some great shots, but you can also be thinking of ideas if you’re familiar with the wedding or bridal portrait venue.

If your daughter’s wedding or bridal portrait venue has a fancy sofa on the premises, the photographer can capture a stunning shot of your gorgeous daughter in all her bridal glory. Just have her sit on one end of the sofa and extend her legs toward the other end with her gown cascading to the side. Believe me, it will be absolute perfection, especially if the sofa is white or ivory. Different moods can also be captured with the photographer’s suggestions to the bride.

If this will work in your situation, MOB, share this idea with your sweet girl and see she what she thinks. Bet she’ll love it—and will welcome putting her feet up for awhile during the photo session!

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Photos by Stephtphotography

Bridal Portrait From a Spectator Angle

Mother of the Bride, have you given any thought to specific shots you’d like to see included in your daughter’s bridal portrait session?

As a pro, her photographer will of course have lots of great ideas up his or her photo-snapping sleeve, but it never hurts to have a few ideas of your own to mention too—especially if you’ve seen a particular shot you’d love to see featuring your daughter.

One shot you might want to suggest is one taken from a spectator angle—one that looks as if the bride is looking at someone other than the photographer. Not only does it give a different vantage point of the beautiful bride, but it sparks the imagination of the viewer. Who or what is the bride looking at? Or watching for? What must she be feeling?

If you and/or the bride really like this type of shot, MOB, make a note to show it to your photographer when the time comes. You might even want to start a short list of shots you’d love to see him or her take. It will be fun to watch them come to life with your darling daughter as the star, right?!

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*Flickr photo by atmtx, Creative Commons License

Bridal Portrait Idea: A Stairway Shot


Mother of the Bride, bridal portrait photos will definitely be among some of the most beautiful photos ever taken of your daughter. A little planning before the photo session will reap a great reward so if you haven’t done it yet, start a list of possible shots you’d love to see the photographer capture of your sweet girl.

Be sure to add a stairway shot to your list of possibilities. Of course, capturing this particular shot will depend on the location of the photo shoot, but if there is a stairway anywhere on the premises or nearby, ask the photographer to take a few shots there. If you or the bride definitely want stairs included, keep that in mind as you select your location. Many historic buildings and homes have beautiful staircases that will translate into gorgeous photos.

Stairway shots can be so elegant and classy, whether looking down on the bride (as in the photo above of my daughter Kelli) or taken from behind the bride with her gown and train beautifully displayed on the stairs. Your photographer and/or your daughter may have some other great ideas for stairway shots as well.

So go prepared with ideas, MOB, and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime bridal portrait session. Be sure to take some tissues with you, though. I warn you there may be a few tears as you behold your beautiful daughter in all her wedding day finery!

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*Photo by Will Flowers