Wedding Flowers: Baby’s Breath Boutonnieres

Mother of the Bride, have you started talking wedding flowers with your girl yet? If not, don’t put it off too long because lots of decisions await concerning the flowers. Altar flowers, reception flowers, bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages all around, flower girl petals, etc. The list goes on.

Today let’s focus on a simple and inexpensive boutonniere idea—baby’s breath! The number of boutonnieres needed can add up quickly so expense might be a very important factor in deciding what flowers to go with. Baby’s breath is inexpensive but looks very classy, as you can see from the photo above.

Baby’s breath is an idea that can work for all the men and boys in the wedding party, unless the bride and groom would like to have something slightly different for the groom. It’s always a nice touch to have something special for him. After all, he’s one of the two main stars on wedding day!

Why not check with your happy couple, MOB, and see if baby’s breath boutonnieres will strike their wedding flower fancy. Classy and inexpensive is always a good choice, right?!

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*Flickr photo by domwlive, Creative Commons License

Winter Wedding Cake: Pinecones and Baby’s Breath!

Mother of the Bride, is your darling daughter planning a wedding this winter or next winter? If she’s getting married in the next two or three months and hasn’t decided on a cake design yet, today’s simple style might be the one she’ll love. And if she’s planning for next winter, add this idea to the list of design options she’ll consider in the coming months.

First she’ll need to decide if she wants to incorporate a winter theme in her cake design. She may not want to choose a cake that’s seasonal in design—and that’s fine. A wedding cake doesn’t have to be dictated by the season. But if she’d like her cake to feature a winter touch, be sure to share this post with her.

One classic and perfect option for a winter wedding cake is to adorn it with pinecones and baby’s breath. The baby’s breath tucked into and around the pinecones will give the appearance of snow and will be perfect set against the backdrop of a pure white cake. The cake shown above is a country chic style, but pinecones and baby’s breath will work with other styles of cakes as well.

So MOB, if your winter wedding bride wants to add a touch of winter’s snow to her cake, suggest this design. And then run out and collect a few pine cones!

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*Flickr photo by Graceful Cake Creations, Creative Commons License

Bride’s Hair Accessory: Baby’s Breath!


Mother of the Bride, if your daughter has already chosen her gown, chances are she’s now considering hair accessories for her big day. Brides today have lots of options to consider. Veil or no veil, a single flower on the side or a flower crown, a tiara or exquisite barrette or bridal comb?

One inexpensive idea that looks classic, elegant, and oh so feminine, is a simple spray or a crown of baby’s breath. Baby’s breath would beautifully complement almost any wedding gown and would look especially striking against dark hair (as pictured above). I’m sure it would look great with any hair color, though, so don’t rule this idea out if your daughter is a blonde beauty, MOB.

So if your sweet girl is in the throes of bridal hair decisions, Mother of the Bride, mention this idea or shoot her the link to this post. She might just say, “Baby’s breath it is!”

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