Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Serve as Sign Bearer


Mother of the Bride, today I have a super cute idea for your darling daughter’s wedding ceremony. Don’t waste a minute suggesting this idea and showing her the above photo. Cuteness this sweet deserves immediate attention, right?

Just before the bride comes down the aisle, why not have the flower girl and ring bearer help announce her entry? They won’t have to say a word. They can simply walk in together while the ring bearer wears a sign proclaiming “Here Comes the Bride”.

The ring bearer is the best choice as the actual sign bearer. The sign will stand out better against his black tux or suit than it would in front of a flower girl’s dress. Plus, the flower girl will want to show off her dress and be as feminine as possible. The ring bearer on the other hand will be happy to have a more macho duty to carry out than carrying a little pillow down the aisle. A ring bearer never carries the real rings anyway so why not let him do something fun like this?

Letting the flower girl and ring bearer serve as a sign bearer will also provide an adorable wedding day photo. Give your photographer a heads up about your plans for the sign, and he or she will be ready to capture some sweeter than sweet shots.

So MOB, suggest away—and be ready to tuck this precious memory away with all the others you’ll make on Wedding Weekend. Enjoy each moment to the fullest!

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*Flickr photo by outreachr.com, Creative Commons License

Include Venue Signs in the Wedding Photos

Sharp ChapelMother of the Bride, many wedding photographers today pride themselves on telling a story with their photos. They make an effort to capture more than the standard shots and provide not only a timeline but the emotions of the big day as well. Their beautiful and meaning-filled finished products are works of art.

In the telling of the Wedding Day story, ask your photographer to be sure to include the signs at your ceremony and reception sites. Having those locations identified through photos not only helps tell the story, but it will be a help in years to come when you try to recall the names of the venues. After all, these special places play an important part in one of the highlights of your family’s life.

And believe it or not, MOB, a good photographer can even make photos of signs look artistic. So scope out your venues and give your photographer a heads-up about the locations of the signs. Be a part of telling the whole story!

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0280*Photos by Chris Humphrey Photographer

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Wedding Day “Just Married” Photo Idea


Mother of the Bride, has your sweet couple asked their photographer to take a fun “Just Married” photo after their ceremony? If not, throw the idea out there and then brainstorm a few possible shots with them.

I love the shot above because it’s simple to do and captures the joy and more relaxed atmosphere that takes over once the ceremony is over. Decide on a spot for the photo and arrange for the “Just Married” thought bubble to be chalked ahead of time to keep the Wedding Day photo session moving along. Have the groom shed his jacket and the bride remove her veil to help create a fun and casual feel. The smiles and love will shine through naturally.

Why not show the bride and groom this shot, MOB, and see if they’d like to add it to their Wedding Day memories. It would be a darling photo for all of you to frame, too!

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*Flickr photo by Simon Daniel Photography, Creative Commons License

Midweek Morsel: Seasons Declare God’s Faithfulness

IMG_3470God’s faithfulness is proclaimed and evidenced throughout scripture. In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, one of the first such proclamations is recorded. God said:

“As long as the earth endures,
Seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease.” (Genesis 8:22)

Because of God’s faithfulness, we can count on the seasons. We can count on spring after winter. We can count on God.

*How have you seen God’s faithfulness demonstrated lately?

*I took the above photo a couple of weeks ago. The evidence of the coming spring is even greater now. Thank you, Lord!

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When Danger Lurks Beneath


Tragedy struck again this summer along our local river. Two teenaged boys drowned.

I won’t try to recount the details because I really don’t know them. I just know that the river’s currents are notoriously dangerous in a certain area and several have drowned as a result over the years.

I haven’t gone to this unforgiving section of the river to see for myself, but I’ve heard that it can look calm and appealing, that it can look safe. But beneath the surface the currents wait to grab anyone unlucky enough or unwise enough to tangle with them. These currents won’t let go. They bring death. They bring sorrow.

Some of the victims have acted carelessly and not taken warnings seriously. Others have bravely risked—and lost—their lives while trying to save another. And still others found themselves at the mercy of the currents purely by accident, from a fall or from being unfamiliar with the area. 

Today we may not be planning to test a dangerous river, but some of us may be entering life situations where an activity or an attitude or a relationship looks appealing, where on the surface it looks harmless. We might think it’s no big deal. It’s okay. It’s safe.

Let’s be wise. Let’s watch for caution signs. Let’s heed warnings of those who have traveled the road before us. Let’s educate ourselves before heading into unfamiliar territory.

We must remember that danger may be lurking beneath. Let’s not tangle with currents that are sure to grab us and not let us go until they wreak havoc—until they bring sorrow or even death. Let’s be on guard.

“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” 1 Corinthians 10:12

*What can we do to stay alert to dangers?

*Flickr photo by Mohammed Alnaser (he has some amazing photos of African wildlife on his page)

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