Use Engagement Photo for Bridal Shower Invitation

3603572456_1c7fcaf33f_oMother of the Bride, are you helping plan a bridal shower for your daughter? Or do you know the girls planning the shower well enough to make a suggestion? If so, here’s an idea you might want to pass along—or incorporate into your own plans if you’re one of the hostesses.

Why not use one of the engagement photos on the invitation? The photo on the invitation above is fairly small, but I’ve seen a bridal shower invite done that uses the entire top half of the invite to feature the engagement photo. The details of the shower were then listed beneath it.  

I love this idea—how about you? Not only does it make the invitation gorgeous and meaningful, but it utilizes the expense for the engagement photos in one more way. Gotta love that, right, MOB?

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Bridal Shower Cake: A Cupcake Wedding Dress!

DSC07019 (Deb Hurt Walker's photo) - Copy

Okay, Mothers of the Bride, here’s one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen for a bridal shower cake—a cupcake wedding dress! Isn’t it adorable?

I saw this idea and photo when one of my friends from high school posted some bridal shower photos on her Facebook page. I immediately knew I had to ask permission to share the idea and photo with all of you. Deb, thanks so much for saying yes!

Not only is this idea super cute, but just think of how yummy it will be—and easy to serve as well! No one will have to stress about cutting the cake, and so many different flavors of cake could be used. You’d even have a few options for frosting—white or shades of cream, ivory, or champagne, etc. Some wedding gowns are even available in blush and pale pink now.

So, MOB, pass this fun little idea on to your daughter’s bridesmaids or friends who might be hostessing a shower for her. Or use it yourself if you’re giving her one. She’ll always remember her cupcake wedding dress!

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*Photo by Deborah Hurt Walker

Wedding-Themed Shower Gifts


Mother of the Bride, since you will undoubtedly be attending more than one shower for your soon-to-be married daughter, you may be on the hunt for ideas. As ever—on the gift front or any other wedding-related front—I stand ready to help with ideas I’ve used myself or have seen others score a homerun with.

Since you may be shouldering most of the expense of the wedding, why not give yourself a break and give shower gifts that can be used at the wedding? Not only will your pocketbook thank you, but your daughter will, too. She will love receiving elegant wedding-related items that may end up becoming keepsakes.

Some wedding-themed ideas that make lovely gifts include: Classic wedding photo frames that can be used on the cake tables or photo table (excellent places to display bridal portraits and engagement photos), an elegant cake server set, exquisite toasting flutes, pretty garters (one for keeping and one for tossing), a beautiful wedding photo album or scrapbook, or even a dated wedding-themed Christmas ornament.

Use one of these ideas, MOB, and you’ll make your daughter very happy with a beautiful keepsake gift—plus your shower gift will do double duty and help save on your overall wedding expenses. A win-win for everyone!

*Can you think of other wedding-related items that could be given as shower gifts?

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 *photo by Chris Humphrey

Bridal Shower Idea: A Cooking Class!


Mother of the Bride, how about hostessing a bridal shower where everyone can learn a little something to add to their repertoire in the kitchen? I saw this idea on Pinterest with a pin by Loverly and immediately repinned it to my Weddings – This and That board .

If your daughter likes to cook or wants to further develop her skills in the kitchen, a cooking class bridal shower could be so much fun. Just think of the possibilities. You could ask everyone to bring their favorite recipes to share with the bride. You might suggest that everyone bring cooking or kitchen or food-related gifts. You could even make yummy treats together and then enjoy eating them after the bride opens the gifts.

These ideas just scratch the surface so let your imagination and creativity run wild. Brainstorm with those who will be hostessing the shower with you, and you will end up planning a shower your sweet daughter will always remember.

So pull out your apron, MOB, and put on your chef’s thinking-hat and get those ideas cooking!

*How about a little brainstorming now? What other ideas come to mind for a cooking class bridal shower?

*Flickr photo by rennes.i, Creative Commons License