Groom’s Cake Idea: A Chessboard!


Mother of the Bride, even though the main wedding cake is pretty much the star of the reception, the groom’s cake can come in a close second. Just tell your future son-in-law to get creative and come up with his dream groom’s cake idea, and you’ll find a baker who can pull it off when it comes time to find the cake designer/baker for the wedding.

One idea that might fit his personality is a chessboard. Doesn’t the chessboard groom’s cake above look sharp? Even the chess pieces can be part of the allure. The pieces here are made of white and dark chocolate. Now that’s the kind of chess game I’d like to play!

If your daughter’s honey is not a chess player, maybe he likes to play cards or checkers or some other board game. Maybe video games are his thing. If so, a good designer can come up with a cake inspired by just about any kind of game.

MOB, share this idea with the groom-to-be and see if it strikes a gaming-chord with him or perhaps inspires another idea. Encourage him to make his groom’s cake choice fun—and if he wants chocolate to play a part, you won’t complain, will you?!

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*Flickr photo by jessica.hanrahan, Creative Commons License

A Creamy Addition to a Wedding Dessert Bar


Mother of the Bride, have your daughter and her groom-to-be decided to have a dessert bar at their wedding reception? If so, I imagine the ideas are flying concerning exactly what to include. May I throw another idea into the mix?

A creamy pudding or mousse could provide a light and delicious dessert option for your wedding guests. Chocolate is pictured above and would be sure to be a hit, but lots of other flavors would be great possibilities, too. Your daughter might even be able to match the flavor to one of the colors of her wedding—for instance, strawberry, lemon, or pistachio.

Serving the creamy dessert in a martini or champagne glass (as pictured above) looks elegant and fun at the same time. Add a ribbon in one of the colors of the wedding and you’re good to go. Not only will this pudding/mousse martini-idea make a beautiful display at the reception, but your guests will enjoy savoring a comfort food all dolled up for the wedding festivities.

Why not share this yummy and fun dessert idea with your daughter, MOB? Your guests will be glad you did!

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*Flickr photo by Furumaru, Creative Commons License

Double the Yum With Double-Layer Groom’s Cake


Mother of the Bride, if your daughter’s beloved isn’t really interested in a groom’s cake with a theme, why not suggest this elegant double layer/double flavor option? The decadent yum-factor will be sure to make it a hit with everyone.

Just think of the possibilities: Different flavors and/or different fillings for each layer, the variety of toppers that could work (flowers are pictured here, but strawberries would be gorgeous and delicious, too.), and even the color combination for the frosting could vary. The photo above is just the jumping off point for what your sweet couple might come up with.

So throw the idea out there, MOB—and then lobby for the flavors of your choice, right?!

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*Flickr photo by prettydaisies, Creative Commons License

Summer Fun: Distracted by Cake


The dawn of June means summer is here—and I say we kick it off with some fun! Sometimes the best refreshment for our spirits and souls can be found in funny thoughts and silly stories. Yes, we need the spiritual refreshment and food found in God’s Word and in our own inspiring and encouraging thoughts shared with one another, but sometimes nothing hits the spot better than chuckles and belly laughs, right?

Here’s a fun mental image for you: little ole me distracted by—cake! For those of you who know me, either personally or through blogging and Facebook, that’s not too hard to picture, is it? Throw chocolate into the equation, and the level of distraction reaches epic proportions.

Distracted by cake is a phrase I coined one day while—you guessed it—I was thoroughly engrossed in eating a yummy cupcake piled high with enough frosting to put anyone in a sugar coma. At the time, I was also trying to play a game with Don, Kristin, and Shawn. The key word here is trying. Who in the world can concentrate on strategy, rules, and turns while giving a cupcake the attention it deserves?

After making an error not at all characteristic of my competitive prowess, I complained, “Darn, I can’t believe I did that. It’s not fair—I was distracted by cake!” As you can imagine, I didn’t get a lot of sympathy. All that met my ears was gleeful chuckles and gloating remarks about getting my head back in the game. They had a point. A cupcake had been my downfall. Maybe I’m too easily distracted?

It’s okay every now and then to let ourselves get distracted by the joys of living, isn’t it? And there’s no better time than summer to remember that. Let’s be ready to have some fun this summer. Let’s enjoy the unexpected moments of pleasure that come our way. Let’s get distracted by cake!

“So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 8:15

*What fun, joy, or yumminess have you been distracted by lately?

Flickr photo by zigazou76, Creative Commons License

Groom’s Cake Idea: Alma Mater Pride

groom's cake

Let’s just say it—cake is popular. And at a wedding reception, Mother of the Bride, it’s especially popular. Whether it’s the main wedding cake or the groom’s cake, everyone’s interested in the sweet treat that will delight their taste buds before they take their leave.

Even though the wedding cake naturally takes center stage, the groom’s cake often inspires just as much—if not more—interest. Everyone either wants to see what aspect of his life the groom has chosen to highlight or they’re dying to know what extra yumminess awaits beyond the more traditional wedding cake. Did the groom choose a delicious carrot cake or will the coveted slice of groom’s cake involve some sort of chocolate decadence?

If your daughter’s groom is unsure of a design for his cake, why not suggest he fly the colors of his alma mater? Showing some university pride never goes out of style. Shawn, our oldest daughter’s beloved, chose to use one of his university’s logos (pictured above). Since he and Kristin both graduated from the University of Tulsa, it was a theme dear to many hearts represented at their wedding.

Chocolate is also dear to many of our hearts, and Shawn—and the wedding cake baker—did not disappoint on that level. His TU cake still remains one of the best groom’s cakes I’ve ever tasted. Thanks to Emeline Bauder of Grandeur Affaires for that!

So if your future son-in-law is looking for an idea, show him the photo above. And don’t forget to suggest plenty of chocolate, too!

*What are some other ways an alma mater could be highlighted on a groom’s cake?

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey

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