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Holiday Trimming Needed


*In the spirit of trying to follow my own advice below, I’m featuring an encore post from December 2009. It’s as much needed today as it was then. Hope you enjoy!

Anybody else ever have a moment of panic when the holiday season arrives? Mine happened just the other day when I turned my calendar to December and saw several extras already scheduled in a month where tasks and must-do traditions always seem to outweigh available time.

Somehow I know I’m not alone in my sudden case of H.P.I. — otherwise known as holiday panic interruptus. It’s a tricky condition. Sneaks up on you and grabs you by the throat when you least expect it, flashing everything you need to do in the next 30 days in front of your eyes in the span of five seconds. It steals your joy and interrupts your holiday peace faster than Christmas elves sliding down candy cane poles during a midnight toymaking drill.

My holiday conclusion? The Christmas tree isn’t the only thing that needs to be trimmed this year. The cure? Immediate evaluation and trimming of the December to-do list coupled with a guarded approach to saying “yes” to anything more. Anyone else need to follow this sage advice I’m trying to give myself?

In this season of “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men” brought to us by the Prince of Peace himself, let’s not let anything rob us of the fullness of joy he longs to give to us this Christmas. Like Mary did in choosing to sit at Jesus’ feet instead of stressing over details like Martha (Luke 10:38-42), let’s choose what is better and experience his peace. Let’s do some holiday trimming.

“‘The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’” John 10:10

*How can you give yourself a break this year and trim a few things from your to-do list?

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Mother of the Bride, Enjoy December!


Mother of the Bride, as December dawns, are you feeling a sense of panic rising? If so, that’s not surprising. The month of December, in all its holiday flurry, is enough spark a sense of panic in any woman, let alone one who is trying to help her daughter plan a wedding.

Why not give yourself (and your daughter!) a break and agree to put as much wedding planning as possible on hold this month? I realize there may be a few things that are time-sensitive that may require your attention, but everything else can wait. Now is the time to enjoy the holidays with your family, and you don’t want to miss opportunities for quiet moments of reflection and worship either.

So Mother of the Bride, enjoy December. I will be posting here the first half of the month, but I’ll be taking a blogging break the last half of the month. You take a break, too—beginning now, okay?!

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A Little Christmas Warmth Giveaway!


Friends, you know it’s not the Christmas season without some sort of holiday giveaway from me, right? As I’ve told you in years past, I love to play Santa and this year is no different. In fact, I can feel a Ho, Ho, Ho about to burst forth this very minute—and it’s only December 3rd!

With merry wishes for the warmth of the season to be yours, I give you the Little Christmas Warmth Giveaway! The winner of this cozy little giveaway will win a $15 gift card to Starbucks. Yummy, huh?

Just leave a comment on this blog post by 6 p.m (CST) next Wednesday Dec. 9, and I’ll announce the winner in my midweek post the next day. Any comment will do, but to make it more fun, tell me your favorite warm-me-up drink. Mine would have to be hot chocolate :)

As we warm up our chilled bodies this season with piping hot drinks, let’s not to forget to warm up our souls as well. Let’s carve out a few quiet moments each day to reflect on the glorious gift of our Savior’s birth. As we are touched anew by his great love, our souls will be filled with a true Christmas warmth that will naturally spill out onto others. What do you say? Let’s spread the warmth!

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

*Flickr photo by Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan, Creative Commons License